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20 Years

bySebastian 09/04/2021

The old speakers

bySebastian 03/30/2021
Let's see what we can do with these old speakers. I already have an idea. I think I will use the midrange speakers at #Nephosband for drum recording. By the way, this technique was used on Kreator's "Hordes of Chaos"...

Cult of Abhoth and the BOSS GL-100

bySebastian 03/28/2021
I cheat on the Kemperprofiler in Cult Of Abhoth :O

Final Mixing Sessions

bySebastian 03/26/2021
Besides the final mixing sessions for @cult.of.abhoth and @zawn_official , I'm working on new songs with Nephos! \m/

Acoustic treatment

bySebastian 03/24/2021
So, it was about time to pimp up my mixing room:

The guy behind Ästuar Records

bySebastian 12/30/2020
Hi, this is me, my name is Sebastian and I’m the guy behind Ästuar Records. Fucking 2020 is almost over, even though it was quiet here, our projects continued with interruptions in spite of Corona. We do not follow a...