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20 Years

bySebastian 09/04/2021

The old speakers

bySebastian 03/30/2021
Let's see what we can do with these old speakers. I already have an idea. I think I will use the midrange speakers at #Nephosband for drum recording. By the way, this technique was used on Kreator's "Hordes of Chaos"...

Cult of Abhoth and the BOSS GL-100

bySebastian 03/28/2021
I cheat on the Kemperprofiler in Cult Of Abhoth :O

Final Mixing Sessions

bySebastian 03/26/2021
Besides the final mixing sessions for @cult.of.abhoth and @zawn_official , I'm working on new songs with Nephos! \m/

Acoustic treatment

bySebastian 03/24/2021
So, it was about time to pimp up my mixing room: