Nephos - Zyklus MCD Jewelcase Black Death Metal

Black/Death Metal from Germany.

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Short Biography:

On April 5th, 2018, Nephos released their first demo, titled “Zyklus.”

Hailing from Düsseldorf, Germany, Nephos is an ambitious black/death metal duo to watch out for. After originally meeting in 2015 for another project, members S. (guitars, vocals, & production) and M. (drums, lyrics, & graphic design) discovered that they complimented each other very well, and shortly after the idea for Nephos was born. After several jam sessions, it was decided to keep the band as a two-piece in the vein of Bölzer, Inquisition, and Urfaust, as a way to streamline the creative process and maintain their sharp focus. Nephos’ first demo, bearing the name “Zyklus” and dealing thusly with concepts related to the endless cycle of all things, was released on April 5th of 2018. A follow-up EP is already in the early stages of conceptualization and gigs are being considered. More news to follow!

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Nephos BandCamp page:

Nephos Facebook page:

Calvariam Design Facebook page:

Full Stream on YouTube (with Lyrics):

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