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Hi, this is me, my name is Sebastian and I’m the guy behind Ästuar Records.

Fucking 2020 is almost over, even though it was quiet here, our projects continued with interruptions in spite of Corona. We do not follow a fixed timeline, things come when they come and are ready when they are ready. Handling a label and bands beside my day job eats a lot of time, but it’s fun!

Many special thanks to @hacksilber , @ancient_fires and @fabianmorales711 for their ongoing support in 2020.

So here is an ongoing list of already confirmed EPs, Albums and digital releases on Ästuar Records!

@cult.of.abhoth debut release as a tape!

- Nephos working on new songs, an EP and some merchandise. #nephos_band

@zawn_official is almost done with mixing (trailer with the new vocals (@fabianmorales711 comes very soon)

@formzustand release their digital EP as a tape and new stuff is being made

@viciousseaofficial will release the first trailer with the new singer and bass player(@hacksilber)

- If time permits, work will also continue on #sinusaestuum

The webshop is prepared for 2021 with our already finished stuff and many upcoming special merch projects (like screen printing and nicely etched pins and pendants).
The shop will feature a large pre-order section. Generally we will speed up some projects in 2021.

We are ready for #2021 !

More information at the right time. Stay tuned and come well into next year!

Photo by @_liv_snow

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